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Cold Plunge

Cold Water Immersion Therapy | Cryotherapy

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What is Cold Plunge?

Cold plunge, also known as cold-water immersion therapy or cryotherapy, has long been used by many cultures to unlock key health benefits. Cold plunge sessions can have a quick and drastic impact on your feelings, health and wellbeing — releasing endorphins improving your mood, boosting energy levels, reducing inflammation, and strengthening your immune system.

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Cold Plunge Health Benefits

Six reasons to take the plunge into the world of cold-water immersion therapy

1. Endorphins make you happy! Help fight depression when your body releases a natural dose of endorphins every time you plunge. Cold plunge is exposure to physiological stress in a controlled setting, so you can get high on your own supply.

2. Boost your immune system. Cold water immersion therapy stimulates the production of peptides that aid in your body’s ability to fight off infection, viruses and bacteria.

3. Feel better in your body. Cold water exposure stimulates blood flow, circulating oxygenated blood, reducing inflammation and allowing your body to better heal itself. Athletes and those with a physically demanding lifestyle use cold immersion therapy to accelerate recovery and improve overall performance.

4. Feel invigorated. Do you feel like you’re dragging through life and living in a fog? Taking a cold plunge gives your nervous system a serious kick by releasing fight or flight hormones, waking up your body and boosting your overall energy levels.

5. Gain mental and emotional resilience. Have you ever heard, “mind over matter”? Doing hard things makes you more adaptable. Use cold immersion therapy to expand your comfort zone.

6. Tame your fight or flight responses. Deeper roots can withstand stronger storms. By exposing your body to stress in a controlled environment, you can be better equipped to respond to the inevitable stress of daily life.

Just reach out if you would like more information and guidance about building a cold immersion therapy practice, our experienced guides are here to help and answer all of your questions. Ask us about our Fire & Ice services that pair cold plunge with our infrared sauna services to achieve maximum results.

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