Structural Integration

Structural Integration (also referred to as Rolfing) is a systematic re-balancing of the body’s fascial web. Through 11-sessions each region of the body is addressed. Client’s regain freedom of movement and are supported in developing new movement patterns.

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Our Structural Integration practitioner, Jonathan Pierce, received his training from the Soma Institute of Structural Integration. Soma is a unique form of Structural Integration that balances the body’s fascial structure. While all forms of structural integration are based on the work of Dr. Ida P. Rolf, Soma also incorporates unique assessment models and reflective journaling, all focused on expanding mind-body integration.

Structural integration clients report relief from pain and restored mobility. We take this further by incorporating mindfulness and sensory awareness to unite your entire mind/body/spirit to promote self-sensing and self-correction. Soma Structural Integration® is not simply the act of putting your parts back together.  It is the self-realization that all aspects of you are actively alive and participating.

For the greatest benefit, Soma Structural Integration® is best experienced as a series of sessions. This consists of 11-sessions that each address a specific part of the body, yet also work to balance the whole.

The Soma Neuromuscular Integration® 11-Series 

A systematic rebalancing of the body through targeted manual manipulation of connective tissues that results in a recalibration of your relationship to your body’s center of gravity, improved posture, enhanced mobility, and overall increased vitality. Through manual therapy and movement education, we take aim at unraveling all of your long-held issues and get you moving with more ease. 

Sessions are generally one to two weeks apart and approximately 1.5 to 2 hours in length. In addition to the actual bodywork, movement re-education, reading materials, journaling and other activities may be used. Furthermore, each session builds on the previous, so completing the 11-session series is important for receiving the most benefit. Often clients will notice changes from one appointment to the next, with their bodies often eager to receive the next session.

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