Hannah Murray, LMT

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Hannah Murray Bio:

I believe it is my fundamental that the body wants to realign itself into natural homeostasis, if we present it with the opportunity and can redirect movement patterns. 

During my sessions I love to integrate slow and deep myofascial & trigger point techniques. These techniques encourage the body to remember how it feels to move with ease & without restriction. With fascination and kinesiology, I listen to the body’s response to touch and pressure to navigate me to the areas of focus, or as my clients say the ‘knots’. I work with my clients to see how their body wants to unwind, and incorporate myofascial release, trigger point, fire cupping & hot stones. 

My passion follows me home where I do massages on my 2 dogs, especially after we’ve been foraging in the woods, or after an overnight backpacking trip. My life revolves around the credence that nature will heal, so I like to spend as much time outside as I spend inside providing bodywork.

OR License #26186