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Josh Casey, LMT, MLD
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Josh Casey, LMT, MLD

Josh Casey has been providing massage therapy to the Portland community since 2009. When he is not working at Performance Bodywork, he is the Senior Massage Therapist at the Knight Cancer Institute at OHSU and teaches tomorrow’s massage professionals at the Oregon School of Massage. Josh has spent much of the past decade of his career focused on oncology and end of life care massage, working to advance the programs in the Legacy, Providence, and OHSU hospital systems. To better serve the community of people with a compromised lymphatic system, Josh is also a certified Manual Lymphatic Drainage Therapist.

In addition to his work in hospital and hospice care, Josh has spent thousands of hours in injury rehabilitation settings, working with people to address their work, sport, and accident related injury, and the aches and pains that come from a life well lived. With such a wide range of work experience, Josh hopes to meet people wherever they are on their journey, and help them to feel their best and do the things they love to do.

Josh loves to go on adventures with his wife and daughters and dog, because that’s where all the best moments in life happen. He is an avid bonsai practitioner, collecting and cultivating little trees to bring the awe and wonder of the natural world into the spaces we inhabit every day. He is a bass player of over 30 years and sings in the car a little too much and a little too loud. He loves art, and music, and laughing, and learning, and he would be pleased to meet you and help you to feel your best.

OR License #16217