Auto Accident Massage for resulting pain and injuries can be one of the most effective, and best treatments for healing your body, both physically and emotionally after such a traumatic event. Not seeking treatment can sometimes leave a person with injuries that can become chronic.

Most health insurance companies do not cover massage therapy within their benefit plans.  However, a person injured in an auto accident can have massage therapy covered by their Personal Injury Protection (PIP) portion of their auto insurance for up to a year after the accident.

Many injuries can result from auto accidents, but one of the most common injuries seen is whiplash.  On impact, the head and body gets propelled quickly forward and back in a snapping mechanism.  Pain can be felt immediately, but sometimes, the body is in a state of “shock” and experiencing an increased surge of adrenaline from the accident, which leaves the person feeling as if they are fine, or only have minor injuries.  The pain will usually set in a day or two later, and even as late as weeks, or months, as the bodies protective mechanisms start to wear off, allowing the underlying injuries to present themselves.

Some people will not seek medical treatment immediately after the accident, because they feel fine.  But when the pain starts to set in, they often will schedule a massage.  The massage therapist has no way of knowing if they are clear to receive massage without the client having had a thorough examination by a doctor.  There is always the possibility of internal injuries, so this is why a referral from a physician is necessary.

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