Fire & Ice Contrast Therapy

What is Fire & Ice?

With this service, you’ll reserve a private room with an infrared sauna and a cold plunge for 60 minutes. Get all the benefit from sauna (like detox) and cold therapy (lower inflammation) in one session!
The combination will leave you feeling amazing!

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Photo of Fire & Ice Room


• Speeding up muscle and injury recovery

• Reducing inflammation

• Supporting a healthy immune system

• Improving lymphatic circulation

• Increasing red blood cell count and growth hormone levels

• Improving levels of endurance and recovery

• Increasing cardiovascular health

• Removing heavy metals

• Improving sleep and reducing stress

• Increasing your resting metabolic rate and more.

Our Cold Plunge is equipped with a robust filtration system, including Ozone and UV sanitation and 5-micron filter.
We control the temperature and keep it set around 46 degrees.

*This Combo Service is Available at Our Beaverton Location Only*


Single Session: $65
Single Session for 2: $80

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Book Your Fire & Ice Session:

Please bring swimsuit, or clothing to wear in the plunge/sauna, as well as a bag to put wet clothing into.