Ada Garcia, Acupuncturist

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Ada Garcia, LAc

Insurance Accepted:
Blue Cross Blue Shield
Auto Accidents

Ada Garcia is a Licensed Clinical Acupuncturist, with a Masters of Science in Oriental Medicine from the Oregon College of Oriental Medicine here in Portland, Oregon. Ada has been in private clinical practice for the last ten years in Portland since graduating. She is a dedicated health professional who has spent 20 years as an educator and advocate for access to personalized, safe and effective health care options. As an Oregon Medical Board Licensed Acupuncturist, Ada uses her full scope of practice to treat her patients and manage their health and personal goals. She blends Five Element Theory and deductive medicine to create highly personalized treatment protocols for her patients.

Treatments consist of medical intake, tongue and pulse diagnosis, acupuncture treatment and somatic work with warming moxa therapy, cupping, fascial release, or shiatsu massage. She is licensed to prescribe nutritional and supplemental guidance and creates personalized Chinese herbal formulas for her patients as indicated in their treatment planning.

Ada is deeply passionate about empowering her patients through challenging circumstances and times in their lives. Using the treatment strategies of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Ada offers gentle and effective treatments which help the body rest, self-regulate and recover. TCM honors the body’s amazing ability to heal with tailored support. Using acupuncture and somatic therapeutics, Ada creates a relaxing space for deep healing and self-regulation. Expect to leave feeling relief each time.

As a Performance Bodywork client for the last year, Ada is excited about the healing potential of combining Traditional Chinese Medicine with the modern light and frequency therapies at Performance Bodywork for amazing outcomes. When not in practice, Ada may be singing with her six-year-old daughter, making Cuban food, listening to lectures about science and healing and generally always in the momentary pursuit of the moment.

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