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Acupuncture involves the insertion of very thin needles through your skin at strategic points on your body.

Philosophy of Care in Traditional Chinese Medicine Theory
The tenants of Chinese Medicine are based on a systems view of the body as a whole. There are 14 channels, or meridians arising from our internal organs which traverse the body providing function and homeostatic balance.

Acupuncture and when to seek care.
Acupuncture can be an essential tool in reducing acute pain. People in acute pain due to car accidents, surgeries, falls and athletic injuries can all benefit from care. Acupuncture works to stimulate blood and lymph flow to exact locations while also regulating nerve communication to support healing. The pain reduction and the faster recovery time are greatly effective at assisting with wound, muscle and nerve healing. Acupuncture can also boost immune functioning and response while also suppressing infection probability during wound recovery.

If clients are not acute, they may be experiencing chronic pain, or sub-acute conditions which compromise their well-being, health functions and quality of life. Chinese Medicine is an ally for longevity, pain management and promoting the body’s vital energy for on-going and chronic conditions. In times of stress, or when a condition flares, or worsens it is indicated to attain treatment. Symptoms such as joint pain, insomnia, anxiety, indigestion, depression, headaches or emotional hyper-reactivity could all be stemming from a central nervous system that is stuck in overdrive and can no longer find neutral. In acute crisis or in times of extended stress and personal transitions, our bodies go into survival mode. We feel the effects of this in our physical body, central nervous system and immune system functions and our emotions. Regulating our central nervous system is critical these days to keeping our body functioning sustainably.

Acupuncture helps to calm vagus and digestive nerve tone, care releases endorphins and opiates in the brain and allows your body to go into Parasympathetic mode (Rest and Digest). This is when the chemistry and function of our bodies feel safe.

Acupuncture for optimization is about fine tuning the Yin and Yang, the organ system functions and communication in the body. These treatments are based more out of a desire to self-nourish and prevent imbalances. A series of acupuncture treatments may help with mental focus in passing exams, hormonal functioning in promoting fertility, resolving lifelong constipation, or be the sweetest part of your birthday. Acupuncture for optimization is a celebration of health. You don’t have to feel bad to feel better!

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