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Emilie Wyrick, LMT
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Emilie Wyrick, LMT, ART™, NKT

Emilie is a Massage Therapist, Active Release Techniques™ Provider and NeuroKinetic Therapy Practitioner who integrates various techniques and protocols to help her clients achieve their goals – whether those include reducing acute or chronic pain, improving athletic performance, or maintaining functional musculoskeletal health. Emilie has also worked as a Personal Trainer for more than 10 years and understands the importance of quality bodywork as an integral part of overall health and fitness. Sessions with Emilie will vary depending on the goals of each individual client and where they are on that given day. Her expertise in movement analysis and functional manual therapy, and her training in therapeutic massage allow for a wide range of treatment types – from a PT-focused session with movement assessments, treatments and homework assignments, to a more classic version of a therapeutic massage – and everything in between.

Emilie has experienced her own health challenges over the years, and those experiences led her along a path to become a health and wellness professional after her previous career as a scientist in the Biomedical and Winemaking industries. After many years battling being overweight, and dealing with orthopedic limitations, she found inspiration and motivation in the CrossFit community and became a Crossfit L1 Coach and CPT. After a few years, her focus shifted to the identification, treatment and prevention of injuries and dysfunctional movement conditions. After a few more years, she decided to become a Manual Therapist and acquired her 500-Hour Certified Massage Therapist designation with the California Massage Therapy Council as well as her NKT Level 3 and ART™ Level 1 certifications. She is a self-admitted life-long learner and strives to keep current on the latest research coming out of the health and wellness industries and will probably want to share that information with you if you’ll let her! Her philosophy is that there is no one treatment that will solve every problem every time, but she WILL help you to find the combination that will allow you achieve your goals.