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Brian O’Neill, LMT, FST
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Brian O’Neill, LMT, CFST

Brian is a Chicago native who just moved out to the PNW in early 2018 to pursue a more balanced lifestyle as well as to escape the 9 months of winter in Chicago. Previous to becoming a massage therapist Brian worked as a Corrective Exercise Specialist/Strength and Conditioning Coach treating/working with people from all walks of life with vastly different goals. After feeling “stuck” with a few clients progress and having to refer to someone else anytime a client had a lingering issue; he thought it was time to make his personal practice/toolbox bigger by deciding to pursue his massage therapy license. 

After some diligent research Brian found The New School for Massage in Chicago, Il and immediately made the leap. Fast forward a few years and many hours of continuing education later, Brian has been able to successfully integrate pieces of his training background into further helping massage patients by incorporating movement and mobility as part of their therapy sessions/homework. Being well versed in Fascial Stretch Therapy, Deep Tissue, Sports Massage, Cupping Therapy, and KinesioTape, has allowed for an improved quality of life for many of Brian’s clients.

OR License #24194